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Mini Loop Bands

Raw material: natural latex.


General color: orange,red,black,purple,green,blue,black etc.

Customized colors are also acceptable.

Logo: 1pc with one color logo printed.

Size: as following tabulation.


General packaging:1pc with polybag,one set with nylon bag.

Customized packaging are also acceptable.


Mini Loop Bands Tabulation

Mini loop bandsCircumference(12")ThicknessWidth(2")Resistance(lbs)Resistance(kg)
X-light600mm0.35mm50mm5 to 102 to 5
Light600mm0.5mm50mm10 to 155 to 7
Medium600mm0.7mm50mm15 to 207 to 9
Heavy600mm0.9mm50mm25 to 3011 to 14
X-heavy600mm1.1mm50mm30 to 4014 to 18

How Do Mini Loop Bands Work

Mini loop bands workouts are perfect for anyone who prefers an home gym or home workout, office, outdoor or gym, to-the-point exercise routine that requires little to no equipment yet still helps with strength building. These mini loop bands can be used for toning the arms, building up the core, and all kinds of leg and glute work, striking a balance between simple and challenging. The best part is that mini loop bands boost your usual workout in less time, making shorter routines just as effective as longer ones.

Mini loop bands are great for warm-ups before a workout, and especially for activating your hips before a run. A lot of mini loop band exercises make it easy to target your glute medius, a small hip abductor muscle on the outer side of each butt cheek. Its main job is to stabilize both the hip and the thigh as your leg rotates with every forward step. If you’re a runner, it’s crucial to keep this muscle strong so that your legs are properly stabilized and can move efficiently. If you lack strength or stability in the hip area, a bunch of things can get thrown off—you may start to compensate with other muscles, or end up with an overuse injury like runner’s knee.

How to use mini loop bands

Mini Loop Bands

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