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Danyang Bestbridge Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Bridges in human culture embody the importance of contact, communication, and avoiding the obstruction of consciousness. The best way to do this is to build a bridge to overcome the obstruction and link it to the shore.The bridge has always been meant to be connected and unobstructed, and this is one of the key conditions of cultural development.

The Bestbridge team has over 8 years of business experience in the sports and outdoor industry, the positive feedback and recognition from customers every time inspires us to move forward with confidence, do simple work to the extreme, and grow together with customers to create infinite possibilities.

Bestbridge's vision is to be the bridge between businesses, a channel of trade. Let's build the best bridge for trade cooperation!

Danyang Bestbridge Import & Export Co., Ltd.

Who we are

Danyang Bestbridge Import & Export Co., Ltd is located in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, near Shanghai, which is only 3 hours away, with convenient transportation for sea shipment, air shipment, railway shipment, etc.

Bestbridge focuses on the sports and outdoor markets - mainly resistance bands, resistance tubes, mini bands, flat bands, floss bands, hip bands, etc. All of the products passed eco-friendly and safety tests that met international standards.

Danyang Bestbridge Import & Export Co., Ltd.

What we do

At Bestbridge we aim to supply the best quality products to our customers with high efficiency, speed, and innovation in an era of rapid growth in information and digital applications. Combining the advantages of industry concentration to create a convenient corporate environment.

Our strategy is to work with our customers consistently and sustainably, managing risk-we take our responsibility to our customers very seriously, and are committed to providing the best customer service and the best customer service.

Hope you are enjoying the journey of cooperation with Bestbridge!