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Monster Bands Exercise Equipment

Raw material: natural latex.


General color: yellow, red, black, purple, green, blue, black and orange etc.

Customized colors are also acceptable.

Logo: 1pc with one color logo printed.

Size: as following tabulation.


General packaging: 1pc with polybag.

Customized packaging are also acceptable.


Monster Bands Exercise Equipment Tabulation

Monster bands exercise equipmentLay flat lengthThicknessWidthResistance(lbs)Resistance(kg)
Micro41"0.25"0.177"5 to 152 to 7
Mini41"0.5"0.177"20 to 309 to 16
Light41"0.75"0.177"30 to 5014 to 23
Average41"1.125"0.177"40 to 8018 to 36
Robust41"1.750.177"50 to 12023 to 55
Power41"2.5"0.177"60 to 15027 to 68
Strong41"3.25"0.177"70 to 17032 to 76
Monster41"4"0.177"80 to 20036 to 91

How Do Monster Bands Exercise Equipment Work

Monster bands (also called exercise bands or resistance bands) are used to encourage muscle contraction. As you pull against the monster bands exercise equipment, the muscle builds strength.

Monster bands exercise equipment give you a new way home workout to work out and lose the weight, as well as tone up for a more defined muscular physique. They will target places on your body that can stabilize muscles that you don't normally use

When you pull against a monster bands exercise equipment, it makes your workout harder. If you let the band pull and support you, it can make a challenging routine now accessible, like a pull-up.

Monster bands exercise equipment have an amplifying effect on each movement; they will involve all your muscles, even the little ones that don’t usually get used.

The monster bands exercise equipment will get tougher, the harder you pull it — the more you stretch the band, the more it will resist.

You can use monster bands exercise equipment with the home gym exercises you are already used to. They will add more intensity to your routine.

How to use monster bands exercise equipment

Monster Bands Exercise Equipment

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