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Foam Roller

Raw material: EVA

Color: pink,green,purple,blue,gray,etc.

Customized colors are also acceptable.

Logo: 1pc with one color logo printed.

Customized logo is also acceptable.

Size: as following tabulation.


General packaging: 1pc with polybag.

Customized packaging are also acceptable.


Foam roller tabulation

Item     LengthDiameter
     Foam roller33cm14cm

How do foam roller work

Foam roller could improve your workouts by literally warming your muscles,the friction induced by foam roller on targeted muscles might also help to increase temperature of the fascia and muscles,Warming up your muscles before exercise helps loosen up the tissues and joints and increase range of motion—which helps you move better during your workout and protect you from injury.

Foam roller improves circulation, which gets the body ready for a workout and helps it recover afterward. And because rolling breaks down knots that limit range of motion, it preps your muscles for stretching. Staying loose and limber is especially important for those demanding long runs and speed workouts you’ve been doing as part of your training.

Pro tip: Roll slowly and when you find a tender spot, focus in on it by rolling back and forth until you feel it soften or release.

How to use foam roller

Foam Roller

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