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Muscle Roller Stick

Raw material: PP

Color: pink, green, purple, blue, gray, etc.

Customized colors are also acceptable.

Logo: 1pc with one color logo printed.

Customized logo is also acceptable.

Size: as following tabulation.


General packaging: 1pc with polybag.

Customized packaging are also acceptable.



Muscle roller stick tabulation

Muscle roller stick32cm5cm

How do muscle roller stick work

Muscle roller sticks are exactly what they sound like. They’re rods that you use to roll out tense muscles, and come in a variety of lengths and materials. Some muscle roller sticks even feature ridges to better target deep muscle tissue. Both muscle roller sticks and foam rollers offer a means of self-myofascial release, but the key difference between the two methods is the way you apply the pressure. Foam rollers use your own body weight to roll out tight spots, while you use your hands to apply the pressure with a muscle roller stick.

When using a muscle roller stick, be sure to apply lighter pressure—at least to start. You can deepen the pressure once you’ve gotten the hang of it. 

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